How to Clean an LCD Screen and Make Your New TV Or Monitor Sparkle


How to Clean an LCD Screen and Make Your New TV Or Monitor Sparkle

So you’ve bought a new LCD TV or LCD monitor, but have thought about how to clean that LCD screen?

There’s probably nothing more sleek than the modern look of a LCD screen in your home’s decor. In fact, in most homes, one can probably find five to ten LCD screens via computer monitors, televisions, laptops or even game systems such as the Nintendo DS or the Sony PSP.

However, although we like the way they look and the clarity they give, to most people, the term “LCD” is just a fancy word for “glass.”

Unfortunately, this misconception has caused many people to improperly clean their LCD screens and thus damage and forever ruin their “LCD” experience and their high-tech products.

This brief guide will help you understand what a LCD screen is, the challenges of keeping it clean and tips on how to properly clean and prolong the life of a LCD screen.

What is an LCD?

First, it’s important to note what a LCD screen or display is NOT. It is NOT GLASS! Thus, it’s critical that you never attempt to clean your LCD as you would a glass surface.

A LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is, as the name suggests, a layer TCL Google TV of liquid crystal which is sandwiched between two transparent electrodes.

LCD Let Down: The Problem

As glorious as LCD screens are-there is one slight problem with them-the LCD consists of a soft film that is easily damaged from smudges and scratches and is prone to collecting dust and fingerprints as well as clouding from the use of harsh and improper cleaning agents.

If you’ve ever tried watching your favorite TV show through greasy hand prints or have tried to work at a computer monitor covered with smudges, you would probably agree that it’s annoying to say the least.

Nevertheless, when you encounter these dirt dilemmas-resist the urge to reach for the nearest solution or cleaning agent to restore your screen. Remember, your LCD isn’t glass and simply using something as seemingly harmless as a paper towel could result in damaging your screen.

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